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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rinsing flourite

The flourite package says that it may have “some dust” in it. Yeah well I don’t know what they call “some dust” but the one time I didn’t rinse it I had a 5 day dust storm in my tank. Yes chocolate yoohoo water is good at times (like when I’m whitewater rafting) but I don’t want it in my fishtank.

So what is the not new way that I rinsed my fluorite successfully?
Take a gallon milk-jug and cut the top off leaving the handle intact. Make the hole large enough that your hand will fit through with plenty of room. I next filled the jug with about a half bag of fluorite. I then placed the jug under the faucet in my sink and started pouring in water, moving it around with my hand and pouring it out. At first the water was as dark as mud, and then slowly began lightening up. After I was able to pour out all the water, and see through it (though still had a darkened tint) I figured it was ready. I then placed it in the tank. The bottom of the jug was covered in a mud like substance, I left that in the jug, b/c I figured it was just dust.

Next I planted my tank without water in it. I then poured the water down the sides of my tank and off my driftwood so that it would gently fall onto the fluorite rather then splash it around.


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